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In 2018, FCA Bartow is working to add to our "Home Team"!

 "Home Team" is a group of individuals, families, businesses and churches who invest prayer and financial support to our local ministry.  This money goes directly to FCA needs right here in BARTOW COUNTY to help with camp scholarships for students and coaches, ministry resources (including Bibles and devotional materials), community-wide outreach events and other programming integral to the mission and vision of FCA.

The idea of The "300 Club" comes from Judges 7 and the story of Gideon defeating the Midianites.  Starting the day with 32,000 soldiers according the Word, the Lord sent word to Gideon that he had too many men for Him to deliver the camp of Midian into Gideon's hands.  The Lord said that if too many were involved, the people of Israel would think that their strength had won the victory and would boast about it.  As Gideon listened to the calling and prompting from God, he continued to whittle down the number of men until the Lord said the 300 Gideon was left with would suffice.  And that day, with a small army of only 300 faithful servants, the Lord delivered Midian to them.

 Our goal is to reach 300 individuals, families, churches and businesses to partner in this ministry with us as part of our "Home Team".  With this type of partnership, we eliminate the need for crisis funding and it allows our staff to be more directly involved in ministry.  With an average gift of $33 per month we would raise $10,000 in monthly support from the local community we serve!  We appreciate your prayerful consideration in becoming a financial investor and Home Team supporter for FCA here in Bartow County!  We can not do it without you!  With five levels of giving, there's something for every budget.