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The following are the schools in Bartow County that currently have FCA Huddles.  You will see the Huddle Leader (Advisor) and the day/time that huddle meets on campus.  If you are interested in volunteering in a local Adult Huddle to support your child's campus, click here to register your information.

Adairsville High & Middle
High School Huddle Leader: John Ford
Friday at 7:30am

Middle School Huddle Leader: Michael Roberson
Every other Friday at 7:30am


Bartow County College & Career Academy

Huddle Leader: Don Moody
Friday at 8am

Cartersville High & Middle
High School Huddle Leader: David Cagle
 Friday at 7:30 am
 Middle School Huddle Leader: Leah Roberts
 Wednesday at 7:50 am

Cass High & Middle
 High School Huddle Leader: Danny Fairbanks
 Friday at 7:30am
 Middle School Huddle Leader: Nicole Woodard
 Friday at 7:30am

Excel Christian Academy
 Huddle Leader:  Sam Simon
 Friday at 7:30am


Georgia Highlands College

Huddle Leader:  Jalen Caldwell


South Central Middle
Huddle Leader: Lindsey Vick
 Friday at 7:30am

Woodland High & Middle
 High School Huddle Leaders:Jonathan Cannon
 Friday at 7:45am
 Middle School Huddle Leader: Chris Taylor & Cindy Schwartz
 Friday at 7:30am